Meet the Colorado Group.

A track record of success that grew
along with Brazilian agribusiness.

Founded in 1963 by Oswaldo Ribeiro de Mendonça, the Colorado Group is one of the largest economic groups in sugar energy, agriculture and agricultural machinery. Its history merges with the development of modern Brazilian agriculture.
From its first productive activities to the present day, the group has become strong, dynamic and diverse, always innovating to achieve results that mark its potential and pioneering spirit.

Colorado International

It is a Colorado Group company and offers specific solutions to our customers, such as the sale of new and used equipment, being the main national distributor of the Manitou Group, formed by the brands Manitou, Mustang and Edge, world leader in the markets where it operates, with products for agriculture, construction and industry.

We sell various equipment that assists from infrastructure works in large urban centers to mechanization in rural areas, always providing high technology and full assistance to its customers.

We sell used machines, implements and accessories of all brands, ensuring satisfaction to the markets served.